Gear.Club Unlimited – Switch Port, Multiplayer & Three Free DLCs

Gear.Club Unlimited - Nintendo Switch Port

The developers of the racing game Gear.Club Unlimited have shared the reasoning and more details about the process of porting the project to Switch. In the interview with Nintendo Everything, Eden Games admitted to being huge Nintendo fans since their childhood and thinking that Gear.Club would perfectly fit Switch after its first presentation.

However, porting the game was not a decision made lightly. With Gear.Club being a 2016 title for mobiles, the process required a lot of work. With microtransactions completely gone, the team had to rework the progress system from scratch to a more achievement-based one. The touchscreen controls were also changed to proper thumbsticks and buttons one.

The interview has also approached the question of online multiplayer for the game:

As I explained, we have included online asynchronous multiplayer. It gives you the same challenge of concurrent multiplayers but focusing more on your own result and trajectory than bumping into others. On that sense it’s more hardcore. We would have loved to add also concurrent multiplayer but time is not extensive!

Eden Games also teased about adding more content to the local multiplayer but didn’t go into details. However, the team mentioned three free DLCs coming to Gear.Club Unlimited. Players can expect “a mix between new cars and game modes and more subtle enhancements from the feedback of the players like a third view”.  The developers also noted that there more ambitious and exciting development in the future.

Check out our review to learn more about the game:

Gear.Club Unlimited is deceptively robust for a port of a mobile game. The campaign is a tour de force of content, with over 400 races ranging from track circuits to off-road rally races and even time-trials. Unfortunately, there are no real-world locations present in the game, but certain areas in-game definitely evoke images of famous locations such as the Monaco speedway and even the Nürburgring. As you progress through races you unlock different series as well as new zones. In order to unlock these new zones, you must earn enough stars which are earned by completing races. Each race can get a max of three stars and, although I don’t particularly like this carryover from the mobile version, it kept me engaged as I climbed the ranks. What would’ve been just a single race turned into a whole series of events as I always thought, “Just a few more stars to unlock the next zone!” These new zones, in addition to introducing new tracks, also unlock shops to buy new, faster cars.

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