Gears Free Play Days runs through April 12th

Gears 5

If you’ve been dying to try out Gears 5, this is your golden opportunity. From now through April 12th, players can take part in Free Play Days on all platforms. Free Play Days is part of Operation 3: Gridiron event that is currently ongoing. Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can play with Gold friends during the free weekend while PS4 and PC players on Steam and Windows 10 can play together as well.

“One Flag. One Life. Gridiron is our brand-new, single life objective mode! In Gridiron, two teams of five battle over a flag that can be used to score a touchdown in the opposing team’s endzone. At the start of each round, the flag rotates between one of three locations along the centerline of the map. Picking up the flag is as simple as touching it. Don’t worry, there are no limitations for being a flag carrier other than the massive target on your back. Fight hard and slay up!”

The G5 team has posted the entire patch notes for the event that includes information about heroes Clayton Carmine, Queen Myrrah, Theron Guard, and Augustus Cole along with what they bring to the table in terms of PvE, skill cards, and how they perform in Versus arcade.

Check it all out on the Gears 5 Steam page or the Xbox blog.

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