Genetic Disaster Lets You Kick Some Boss Ass


Team 8 has announced the release of its cooperative roguelike Genetic Disaster. It’s available on Steam and provides local or online co-op for one to four players.

The challenge is for players to escape from the home of a mad scientist. There are 10-procedural levels to defeat along the way as well as a some bosses whose asses need a firm kick. As players move through the game, players will be able to upgrade heroes to suit their own individual playstyles.

You can grab a copy for $20 on Steam.

Genetic Disaster

If the enemies will do anything to take you down, the mansion is as much hostile. Your progression will affect the entire level with huge mutators. Keep an eye on projectile on fire, explosives barrels, activation of frendly fire, and many more ways to cooperate! Kinda.

Game features include:
  • The game will entirely adapt according to the number of players
  • Online and oncouch cooperation multiplayer, from 1 to 4 players
  • Levels are procedurally generated
  • Background and characters hand painted
  • More than 65 powerful and crazy weapons
  • 4 uniques characters with special abilities
  • Upgrade your hero over the levels
  • Controls especially designed for keyboard/mouse and gamepad

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