Genki Switch Dock Crushes Kickstarter At Over 1800% Funded

Genki Switch Dock

Sometimes a few Kickstarters are Worth watching and the Genki Switch Dock falls into that category. Since the minuscule Switch accessory launched it has funded up beyond 1800% of its goal.

After we initially checked out the Genki Covert Dock Kickstarter campaign, I was pretty impressed. The same team that brought us an awesome little Bluetooth audio adaptor for the Nintendo Switch were set to unhook Nintendo’s party piece from the front room. Human Things constructed a pocket-sized Switch Dock and went out to the community for funding. The Kickstarter was initially impressive, picking up $500,000 in the first 24 hours. Since then it has amassed a whopping $903,000 in mere days. This only looks set to continue over the rest of the campaign’s period. There is a reason why this tiny looking treasure has managed to make it so big and top the all-time gaming hardware Kickstarter stats.

Solo Traveller No More

While the Switch is mobile, any of us that have tried to cram Mario Kart onto a single Switch screen know the pain of getting friends involved. The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic party piece but only if you have great eyesight or bring the party home. I could unhook my Nintendo Switch Dock and make it mobile but those are some serious sized pockets you’ll need, just in case. Frankly, the Nintendo Switch Dock is unwieldy and cumbersome, meaning getting friends involved in local co-op seems prohibitive. The Genki Covert Dock shrinks this problem down to little more than a big mobile phone charger. This pocket-sized plug comes crammed with an HDMI output, a USB-C PD charging port, and a USB3.1 accessory port. This all delivers enough power to charge a Nintendo Switch and even some of the latest laptops. Without getting too technical, it ports an entire dock into a plug.

Unlike many Kickstarters, the rapid growth in funding has a lot to do with Human Things track record of delivering these hardware products and it should do. We’re looking to get a hands-on as soon as we can on this, so if you can’t fork out for the Genki Switch Dock ahead of its release, because at this point it’s as good as a pre-order, then keep it here at Gamespace. You can find out more about this device over at the Kickstarter page now.

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