Genshin Impact Developer Is Counting Down To A Zenless Zone Zero Reveal On Friday

tv with news report, a digital clock, and a calendar - Genshin Impact Developer Is Counting Down To A Zenless Zone Zero Reveal On Friday

Check out the countdown to the reveal of Zenless Zone Zero, the third major release from the studio behind one of the biggest anime adventures in recent years.

Mihoyo, the game studio best known for anime inspired phenomenon Genshin Imapct has set the stage for a major announcement on 13 May. A new post appeared on social media feeds over the weekend, drawing attention to the news that something is about to happen at the tail end of the week. The official twitter feed for the team’s latest project dropped the following post:

The news that “a sub-Hollow disaster has occurred” probably doesn’t mean much to any of us yet, but the inaugural post on this account also linked to a new website that provides a little more information for potential players. An early 1990s style VHS setup is available to tweak and interact with, giving us something of a declaration of intend. A sporadic set of ideas seem to suggest we’re going to be conscripted into pushing back some sort of apocalyptic scenario by a possibly clandestine group. There’s plenty to speculate about, Just try turning on the on screen crt and see what you make of the teaser.
Be sure to flick channels too and have a look at the news report, which seems to show off this sub-Hollow event, giving off a distinctly Bleach inspired aesthetic of this incursion.

While there isn’t a ton top go on right now, we do know that that with a huge reserve of cash and experience launching both Honkai Imapct 3rd and Genshin Imapct, Mihoyo is likely out to impress with the latest release. Keep an eye out on the teaser website for more details on Zenless Zone Zero as it develops.

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