Genshin Impact – Check Out ‘Endless Suffering’ Short Trailer

Developer HoYoverse shared a new Genshin Impact trailer titled “Endless Suffering”. While the name might resurface the endless DEF and HP artifact drops from the domains, it is actually dedicated to the Vigilant Yaksha Xiao whose rerun is coming in Version 3.4 alongside the Lantern Rite event. The short video shows that karmic curse is not easy to overcome and features a brief appearances of a few other characters beside Xiao, such as Qiqi, Baizhu and Venti.

“Long ago, there were people in Liyue Harbor who caught a glimpse of a shadow. This solitary shadow was fleeting, and would quickly conceal himself amongst the lanterns. All the hardships in the world have a name. This one is a millennium of doom that cannot be quelled nor eradicated. Even the occasional respite is but ephemeral, and cannot give rise to hope.”

Let’s hope the upcoming Lantern Rite will ease Xiao’s burden and bring a much-needed rest from the endless suffering.

Additionally, the team shared a new blog post dedicated to the arrival of two new character cards in the Genius Invokation TCG. Check it out to see what the card versions of Beidou and Klee are like! Previously the developers have also shared the plans for the future of the TCG mode.

Last but not least is the new web-event featuring Alhaitham that lets players grab a few primogems and character materials before the arrival of the new banner. Titled The Six Faces of Wisdom, the new event tasks players to sort out six books recommended by the Scribe of Sumeru.

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