Genshin Impact Final Closed Beta Starts 2 July

genshin impact final closed beta

MiHoYo Technology has announced that Genshin Impact will begin on last closed beta test across Pc, console, and mobile on 2 July 2020.

In a blog post over on the PlayStation website, Community Manager Max Chen confirmed that the anime-inspired action-adventure is coming to PlayStation 4 starting on 2 July 2020. Players who join the world of Genshin Impact across PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile next month will get an opportunity to explore a slice of the entire experience as the game navigates the realm of Teyvat, from the city of Mondstadt to the majestic region of Liyue Harbor. Players can plough through this solo or try out the co-op experience by inviting friends into the adventure to team up and take down monsters along the way.

While Mihoyo hasn’t detailed a ton about the content on offer, we do know plenty already. Genshin Impact has already caused something of aa stir among PC playing communities with several previous tests allowing players to jump into a world that finds players posing as ‘The Traveler’. Anybody taking on this fabulous looking open world can expect to find more than a run of the mill monster looter. Like any great JRPG you will build a team from a roster of characters, each with their own distinctive personalities and combat options. As you and your companions travel the beta environment Mihoyo hopes that gamers will encounter a variety of different experiences, whether it be in the immersive open-world exploration, the narrative-driven gameplay, or intense and thrilling combat. Check out the Playstation announcement trailer below for a glimpse of this.

We already knew that the PlayStation platform was due to get a beta test of Genshin Impact, but now we know the date. If you are looking forward to jumping into the PlayStation tet then head over to the official PlayStation Blog to check out more details. If you haven’t yet signed up and are eager to check out Genshin Impact before it goes live across a multitude of platforms then head over to the official FAQ to find out how to sign up ahead of this test.


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