Genshin Impact Is Going Offline and Giving Out Free Primogems

Genshin Impact Is Going Offline

Genshin Impact, everybody’s favorite new anime online adventure is going offline tomorrow. Thankfully it’s just for maintenance and there’s free loot afterwards.

After launching on 28 September, Genshin Impact has seen something of a ridiculous success for developer Mihoyo. Now, the team behind this hugely successful anime RPG are taking the servers offline for Genshin Impact’s first planned maintenance. In a range of social media posts and updates, Paimon, the face of the game to many players, delivered the news this morning.

For players, this means that you won’t be able to log in and play during 2020/10/22 07:00 – 2020/10/22 11:00 (UTC+8). The down time is intended to provide an opportunity for Mihoyo to carry out maintenance on the game and will require everybody to update their client afterwards. This might mean some seriously slow downloads if launch day was anything to base this on.

Free Stuf

On the upside, players who are blocked by this game wide maintenance cycle are going to get free Primogems. This currency is a staple of the in game item store, allowing adventurers to draw gacha lots and possibly obtain brand new characters for their roster. Any account at rank level 5 or above will get an expected 240 Pimogems back for the downtime. That equates to 60 gems per hour with the full 240 Primogems being mailed to players even if the game comes back online early. While 240 free gems might not sound like tons compared to the thousands some content creators have sunk into their accounts, it still might grab you a free Klee when she arrives in game. If you haven’t quite made it to Rank 5 yet and need some help speeding through before downtime, then check out our Genshin Impact beginners guide and get ready to save your progress for this update.

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