Genshin Impact – Meet Clorinde, Sigewinne & Sethos

Genshin Impact - Meet Clorinde, Sigewinne & Sethos

With Genshin Impact Version 4.6 just around the corner, HoYoverse is back to give players a sneak peek at what is coming next. The next update 4.7 will introduce three new characters, two familiar faces from Fontaine and one newcomer from Sumeru. Let’s properly meet Clorinde, Sigewinne and Sethos!

Clorinde – Electro Sword

The Champion Duelist of Fontaine and once the bodyguard of the Hydro Archon, Clorinde is a character that’s been around since the very beginning of the expansion. She has quite a reputation in the city, with her name alone carrying immense respect. She has many titles: Candlebearer, Shadowhunter, Vanquisher of Phantoms, Vigil of the Long Night… Her Constellation is Rapperia, the Rapier, fitting her profession.

“…Word to the wise, friend. The evidence against you is irrefutable. If you want to uphold your honor, atonement is an option. You could still do much good… There’s no need to resort to a duel. I mean, your opponent is Clorinde. That Clorinde, you hear? Oh, for the love of the Fountain of Lucine… If you go up against her, you’ll wind up without even the strength to confess your crimes!” — A sincere letter that a certain wealthy merchant who had pleaded “Not Guilty” received on the eve of a duel.

Check out the Archon Quest cutscene ‘At the Tempest’s Crux’ below to see Clorinde (and Navia!) in action.

Sigewinne – Hydro Bow

Another oldie but goodie joining the roster is Sigewinne, the head nurse of the Fortress of Meropide. She might act clueless, but watch out: Sigewinne is smart and resourceful, while still remaining caring and kind. However, you do not want to end on the other side of her tranquilizer, just ask Lyney.

“Sigewinne’s the most unique out of all the Melusine friends my parents know. They say that she was a guest at our place a long time ago, and that she held my hand, supporting me when I had just learned to walk. Many years have passed since, and I’ve become an adult — she, on the other hand, is just as meticulous and enthusiastic as ever.” — Emilie

Sethos – Electro Bow

Yet another character to join the Electro family, Sethos is a newcomer from Sumeru. There is not much known about him just yet. Sethos was first introduced during the Version 4.6 Special Program, where it was revealed that he has a certain connection to Cyno and will likely take part in his second Story Quest.

“You shall have the dexterity of the fox and the agility of the flying serpent. The wisdom of Hermanubis shall also bestow its favor upon you. Your name shall be Sethos.” — A divination from a Priest during a name-giving ceremony

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