Genshin Impact Release New Xiao Story Trailer

After announcing that Genshin Impact patch 1.3 is due to arrive next week, miHoYo has let slip a new Xiao story trailer called Yakshas: The Guardian Adepti.

Developer miHoYo has just released a brand new trailer for Xiao, the latest character to join the pool of playable hers in the massively successful RPG. Due to arrive on 3 February, all we knew about Xiao until now was that this mighty ally carries a polearm and wields the power of Anemo.

The last update trailer already gave us an idea what combat with Xiao looks and feels like, with the option of dealing out serious damage at the cost of your own health. Now, we get to find out a little bit more about this lone Yaksha’s backstory. Check out the trailer above and you’ll find that Xio started out as one of the five Yakshas, summoned to Liyue by the Rex Lapis and tasked with protecting the harbor city. With the rest of the Yakshas dead, defeated, or missing Xio is the last one standing.a

Xiao is expected to feature as part of the next banner event, as with all new Genshin Impact characters, which should increase player chances of pulling this five star team member between 3 February and the next new arrival. For those that didn’t catch the previous update on the upcoming Genshin Impact update then you can head over to our news post to find out more about the lantern Rite event and the plethora of goodies that will be on offer when patch 1.3 and the new seasonal event arrive in game.

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