Genshin Impact Skins Leaked For Summertime

genshin imapct skins

Genshin Impact, the hit anime-styled RPG from miHoYo looks likely to be getting summer time skins for characters imminently.

Based on leaks from the generally accurate Project Celestia Twitter account, it appears to be the case that Genshin Impact players will be able to suit up for summer with two of the game’s long-standing characters. Fans of Monstadt’s own Jean and Barbara might soon be able to don a new set of beachside costumes that will suit the summer weather.

Project Celestia provided images of the outfits, which are datamined from the most recent test clients for Genshin Impact, and give us a glimpse of what to expect. The two Twitter posts show jean, the head of the Knights Favonius in a casual short and shirt combo, while in-game idol Barbara gets a thematic sailor set.

While these leaks are subject to change at any given moment, and miHoYo’s own discretion, it’s quite certain that players will see these soon. Cosplay manufacturer Uwowo has already confirmed that the same two outfits are due to go into production soon too.

While we are certain we will see the new skins soon, there’s no confirmation on exactly how miHoYo intends to give players the option to earn or buy the new skins. Hopefully, this new addition will be more like the recent mini Seelie pets than a gacha cash grab. You can jump into Genshin Impact and prepare for the upcoming 1.6 update on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 now.

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