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Resin is the “energy” system in Genshin Impact. It is a resource that replenishes over time and currently maxes out at 120. You will earn Fragile Resin throughout various activities in the game, that can replenish up to 60 Resin a use, but you will want to save these. Resin is used for various aspects of progression in the game and can be quite confusing to use for a variety of players. It’s easy to get lost while you go through the game’s story, but it’s important that you use your Resin early and consistently to make the most of it and avoid what may eventually become a resource wall for some. This guide will hopefully assist players in making the most of Resin through their adventures in Teyvat and avoid early on resource issues. Please keep in mind this information is prior to Patch 1.1.


As you progress through the game, you will need to use resin to finish up various aspects of character or weapon progression. As you get further in the game, it will take up to a whole day’s worth of resin (120) just to progress one character or weapon. This is why it’s important to prioritize your Resin use early on in the game. You replenish one Resin every 8 minutes and it takes 16 hours of real time to replenish it naturally. You can use Primogems to replenish, but it can get costly, especially for Free 2 Play players. Ideally you will want to save your Primogems for wishes as that is the core acquisition system for better characters and weapons.

Resin Cost Break Down

  • Ley Lines – 20
    • Mora & XP Scrolls)
  • Abyssal Domains – 20
    • (Character Ascension, Weapon Ascension, Talent Ascension , Artifacts)
  • Elite Bosses – 40
    • (Character Ascension)
  • Weekly Bosses – 60
    • (Character Ascension, Talent Ascension, Weapon Tokens, Artifacts)
  • Events – 40 to 60
    • (Typically large Mora & Exp rewards)


The first thing you should focus your Resin use on is Character and Weapon Ascension as they will give you the largest stat increases outside of Artifacts. As you progress to more difficult World Tiers, you will want to make sure your characters are ready to ascend once the Adventure Rank requirement is lifted. It is ideal to have a reserve amount of Ascension related items to craft into higher tiers to reduce the amount of resin you may need to Ascend a Weapon or Character. This will be a mixture of Abyssal Domains, Elite Bosses, and later on Weekly Bosses.

The next thing you should focus on is Talent Ascension so that your Skill and Bursts scale better with your stats and Artifacts. I would only farm for artifacts if you’re lacking significant main stats on characters and feel your damage is lacking. Otherwise, you should acquire artifacts from the story, chapter rewards, elite boss kills, and weekly boss kills.

You want to avoid doing Ley Lines as much as possible, especially early on. Unless it’s to top off a character for a chapter reward, these are the biggest waste of your Resin because the rewards do not scale well for the cost. Later on, you may be walled off by a need for Mora or Exp Scrolls, at that point then I would say go for it but try to avoid doing them as much as possible. Hopefully later on these rewards will be improved upon, especially for later world tiers.


Fragile Resin should be saved as much as possible for AR 40 and beyond so that you can quickly farm up 5-star artifacts. While the minor stats may not be great, the 5-star artifacts will scale higher with their main stats than 4-star artifacts. If you feel the need to use Fragile Resin to finish off ascension or talents, be very sparing with it as you may get caught in the position of waiting for the next content patch to earn more outside of Adventure Rank ups. If you use as much Resin as possible early on in the day, you should be able to easily meet the Daily and Weekly battle pass requirements for Resin consumption. Hopefully, in the future, we will have ways to earn more Fragile Resin regularly, but until then, try to save it.

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Lastly, keep in mind any Battle Pass, Quest, or Event requirement that states “Complete” means that you do not need to claim the reward (Use Resin) in order to get credit. This goes for 20 ley lines a week, weekly boss battles (if you’re trying to get to the next world tier before claiming rewards), and the like. If you use your resin consistently as you unlock domains and other options through your story progression, by the time you run out of story quests either before Patch 1.1 or after, you will not be nearly as resource-starved as some players, to include myself have become. So, key takeaway: Don’t forget to consume your resin, don’t sit on full resin even early in the game.

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