Genshin Impact Ushers In Invitation Of Windblume Phase II

Genshin Impact Ushers In Invitation Of Windblume Phase II

Genshin Impact’s Invitation of Windlume Phase II just added a big finish and brand new events to the recent version 1.4 update.

Genshin Impact, the smash hit RPG from miHoYo, has just dropped new of two new in game events as part of its Invitation of Windblume Phase II. Posted on the official Hoyolab website yesterday, the final throws of the March update to Genshin Impact is adding two new events, a quest update, and new gacha banners for those looking to grab more characters for their team.

Contending Tides

Already live, and running until 12 April, the Contending Tides event is an intense arena event with a new challenge on offer every day. Players at rank 20 or above can head down to the Meaty Arena in Dadaupa Gorge and experience a brand new set of opponents each day with a new twist on traditional combat. This might mean you’re facing off against Hillchurls or slimes, each with combat modifiers. While one encounter might increase overall ATK, another might boost elector damage. For those who want to do more than just survive, each encounter will add a trio of extreme difficulty completion criteria from a simple timer to a no death requirement. If you think you can handle the action then you can take on the Contending Tides event now.

Wishful Drops

The second event to blow in with the end of the Windblume Festival, the Wishful Drops event allows Travellers to equip Inquisitive Endora to capture Oceanid Creatures. Much like Seelie, players who take part in the Wishful Drops event will be rewarded with a commemorative Endora gadget, Heart of the Springs, and Primogems. This collection event kicks off on 9 April and is open to players at rank 20 or above.

Alongside the events, Archon Quest Chapter I: Act IV is due to open up the main narrative on 12 April. Players trying to find their sibling can finally move forward and advance the in game story quest and maybe unravel the mysteries of Teyvat. For anybody looking to grab a new upgrade for their character roster, 5-star Childe is back, following on after the Venti re run, for the Farewell of Snezhnaya banner between 6 April – 27 April. 4-star Rosaria, Barbara, and Fischl accompany this best boy on the upcoming roster too, with a brand new weapon banner hitting shelves at the same time.

This, of course, isn’t everything coming to Genshin Impact this month. Even more events and wishes are on the way and you can check out more about what’s coming to Genshin Impact’s Invitation Of Windblume Phase II over on the official website now.

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