Genshin Impact – Version 2.7 “Hidden Dreams in the Depths” Trailer

The developers of action-adventure Genshin Impact have revealed the release date of version 2.7, arriving on May 31st with the update maintenance being expected to run for 5 hours. The miHoYo team also shared a special trailer you can find above.

“The mysteries in the depths of The Chasm are complicated and bewildering, and people have gathered here for different purposes.
The mountains and valleys stay silent while the visitors’ thoughts are in turmoil. Nevertheless, the path to finding answers is unclear.
Where daylight falls, there are still things left to be done and wishes to be fulfilled.”

The duration of Version 2.7 is expected to be 6 weeks, and Version 2.8 is expected to be updated on 07/13/2022.

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