Genshin Impact – Check Out Version 3.7 Trailer & Preview!

Developer HoYoverse held the special program to tease players about all the neat things coming to Genshin Impact in the upcoming Version 3.7: Duel! The Summoners’ Summit! From a new Dendro 4-star Kirara and the mysterious Charlotte, to the TCG event spanning the entirety of the currently available Teyvat to the vague hints of Fontaine – the patch will have it all. Genshin Impact Version 3.7 is expected to arrive on May 24th, so mark your calendars!

“A game of cards is much like life: Fortune decides the hand you are dealt, while experience might let you shift the tides of possibility toward all that could be. Life is much like a game of cards: Victory is but the culminating point in the journey — the thrills of the duel, however, represent strings to melodies everlasting.”

Here’s what awaits players in Genshin Impact Version 3.7:

Starting with the most important thing so you can decide your Primogem budget: the new banners, character & weapon alike! While we do not know all the featured 4-stars for sure, HoYoverse has revealed the 5-star round-up which also indicates the available weapons. If you were looking for an EM-sword for your Dendro comp, it might be best to save up for the second half!

  • Version 3.7 Phase I –  Yae Miko (Electro Catalyst) & Yoimiya (Pyro Bow), 4-star: Kirara (Dendro Sword). Weapons: Kagura’s Verity & Thundering Pulse;
  • Version 3.7 Phase II – Alhaitham (Dendro Sword) & Kazuha (Anemo Sword). Weapons: Light of Foliar Incision & Freedom-Sworn;
  • The rest of the 4-stars as well as the full content of the weapon banners are currently unknown, stay tuned!

Kirara is a nekomata, a cat-like youkai from Inazuma, who works for the Komaniya Express delivery company. She loves her job and humanity.

While Version 3.7 does not feature a new location or a new mechanic like the exploration with Sorush, those who enjoy slinging cards with Cyno are in for a great time. Genius Invokation TCG: Radiant secrets will add all-new cars to obtain, ew players to challenge in the open world, and new Tavern Challenges. You will even be able to get the Archon cards!

TCG will also receive a brand-new PvP mode, Arena of Champions, aimed at the most serious players.


This version’s main event “Duel! The Summoners’ Summit!”. With Genius Invokation TCG taking Teyvat by storm, it’s time for the King of Invokation Grand Prix to take the stage! As heated duels unfold at the table, a bizarre scoop is brewing under the table, waiting to be uncovered…

To participate in the event, you have to be Adventure Rank 32 or above and have completed the quests “Ritou Escape Plan” and “Battlefield of Cats, Dice, and Cards”. As all major events, Grand Prix will give players a chance to earn a Crown of Insight, a bunch of Primogems, Character & Weapon materials, Talent materials, Mora and more. There is even a free weapon: bow Ibis Piercer, as well as its Refinement materials.

However, worry not: The Adventurers’ Guild also prepared some other event mini-games to spice up the tournament:

  • A Tour of Wonders – Travelers have to complete the required challenges by navigating obstacles or defeating monsters across the four nations. Collect commemorative stamps to purchase the corresponding rewards;
  • Zero Hour Invokation – TCG matches with a special ruleset. Instead of using your own decks, you will have to build a deck from the cards prepared by the organizers;
  • Evermotion Mechanical Painting – You need to adjust the position of the mechanical painting’s surfaces by swapping or rotating them and then install the appropriate gears to restore the painting;
  • Heart of the Dice – combat game mode that will let you obtain random Elemental Dice by defeating monsters. Then you can consume the dice you possess and unleash the shockwave to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Other 3.7 Events & Additions Include:

  • New Yoimiya Story Quest – Carassius Auratus Chapter: Act II;
  • Kaveh Hangout Event;
  • Divine Ingenuity: Collector’s Chapter – You once against encounter Honglang in the outskirts of Mondstadt. According to him, the strange Domain has appeared once again…
  • Feast of the Departed Warriors – The mysterious Domain has opened its doors, and beyond its treshold are treacherous and dangerous adversaries on the prowl, waiting for their moment to strike;
  • Fayz Trials: Hypothesis – Chugging the “Fayz Potion” in Domains allows your mind to be so extremely sharp that you can observe a fantastic scene where time almost stops amid combat.

Make sure to watch the very end of the Special Program to receive your first teaser for Fontaine! For more information, check out the official preview page for Version 3.7.

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