Genshin Impact’s Zhongli and Xinyan Go Live This Week

Genshin Impact Zhongli picture

Genshin Impact players need to put a note in their calendar, Zhongli and Xinyan are about to enter the stage in this hit online RPG.

Anybody who’s been watching or participating in the hit from Mihoyo will likely already be familiar with these brand new characters Stepping into the limelight as the latest part of the recent 1.1 update, Zhongli and Xinyan are just the latest in an expanding roster of new characters. Due to arrive during the 1 December update, these two new characters follow up on the Tartaglia addition and come with their own distinct set of skills, animations, and character Demo Trailers, found below.


Zhongli is a solid addition to Genchin’s 5-Star character roster, providing anybody who manages to draw this enigmatic adventurer with a geo elemental power. Wielding a polearm, a rare choice in Genshin, Zhongli can use a petrification ability to set enemies in place and potentially deal out a ton of damage to anybody that crosses his path.

The new update isn’t just expected to drop Zhongli into the draw for players to pull. There’s also the addition of Zhongli’s story quest. Called the Historia Antiqua, this new questline will be unlockable with the same story key that other recent story quests now sit behind, so you’ll need to do a bit of grinding to get to it.



Entering the arena at the same time as Zhongli, Xinyan might not be a 5-star character, but she’s just as explosive. Wielding a pyro element, Xinyan comes from the region of Liyue and is something of a celebrity. A rockstar with a fiery temper, Xinyan takes to the front lines with a two-handed greatsword and looks set to be able to use some serious AOE damage to burn down foes. A preview video is below

Both these new entrants will feature in a new Wish banner, increasing the likelihood that you can pull them using Genshin Impact’s Gacha style draw system. The new wish banner will run from the 1 December update al the way up until just before Christmas, when we should expect the next major update to Genshin Impact. For more details on all this week’s updates to Genshin Impact and more about Zhongli and Xinyan, check out the official Genshin Impact website.

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