Geoff Keighley Participated in The Game Awards Reddit AMA

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Geoff Keighley, the producer of the Game Awards, has taken to Reddit to participate in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session related to the upcoming show. Check out some of his answers below or proceed to the Reddit discussion to see it for yourself!

  • Will the announcers and special guests pre-record their messages or will it be traditional on a stage? It’s going to be a combination of things — some people live, some live on zoom, some pre-taped. Given the pandemic this is sort of evolving daily.
  • How is it that you can keep reveals from leaking out for an incredible amount of time? We have an awesome team that wants to surprise everyone!
  • Has any material related to the game awards been leaked already? Nope, nothing from our main show has been leaked that I know of so far.
  • I saw 5 reveals for the 2020 Pre-Show, do you have a total on the number of main show reveals? I think around 12-15 or so?
  • Can you give a ballpark estimate of how many games are going to be announced at TGA? I think there are a good dozen+ games that will be announced/revealed at the show for the first time.
  • Was there ever an upset at the game awards that truly shocked you? Good question! I remember Splatoon won best Multiplayer game one year, that was pretty cool/shocking!
  • What reveal has been the most shocking to you knowing that it will take place on your show? Joker in Smash was pretty cool! Xbox reveal last year.
  • Why do you host this show on a thursday? For europeans its in the middle of the night on friday, so most of us can´t watch because of work / school. Wouldn´t it make more sense for it to be on a friday? It’s always tough to figure out the best time — we did move the show up 2 hours this year, so it’s a little earlier in Europe. We picked the date a long time ago pre-COVID.
  • Hey Geoff, how do you think the future game shows will play out once the pandemic stops? I think things will continue to be more virtual — and global. Last year we started The Game Festival to bring you guys game demos at home. And we’re doing that again, and also streaming demos with no downloads with Nvidia. The days of regional consumer/trade shows are changing — we’re really focused on bringing the world together around games digitally.
  • Hi Geoff, what are you looking forward to doing once the Awards are over? Getting some sleep! This has been a tough one.
  • Hey Geoff, in your opinion, is their a ‘megaton’ announcement in this years Game Awards? That’s a loaded question! One man’s megaton is another man’s disappointment. I think we have some fun stuff lined up, but I’ll let you all judge that on Thursday night 🙂
  • What happened to the Industry Icon award last year and will it return this year? It won’t return this year. It will next year hopefully. We really want to do that properly and it felt cheap to do it without a big in person audience to celebrate the individual.
  • Hi Geoff, can you tell us how long the show will be? Probably around 2.5 hours for the main show I think, similar to past years.

Check out Geoff Keighley’s hype trailer for The Game Awards and stay tuned to find out more!

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