Get A Butchers at This Cutthroat Lords of the Fallen Launch Trailer

Hexworks just dropped a rough cut of what’s coming ahead of the Lords of The Fallen launch.

Adyr returns and the Umbral awaits us on 13 October. With Friday nearly here and the gloom about to consume PC, PlayStation®5, and Xbox Series X|S. it seems a fitting time to take a glimpse at the upcoming crusade. Lords of the Fallen just got a new launch trailer, a few days before the full game slices through your expectations. In two minutes, up above, you can take a look at this Dark Souls inspired action-RPG and the vast land of Mournstead.

Falling firmly into the camp of dark fantasy, this interesting new twist on a well-worn genre of adventures finds us staring down the impending return of the demon god, Adyr. Not to be discouraged by something as simple as a big bad, you’ll claim a fabled Umbral lamp and head out into the corrupt and decaying landscape to stop this from happening. Gorgeous graphics, a vast interconnected world, and tons of engaging combat concepts are just the tip of this spear. Was you slip between two realities, solve some unique puzzles, and generally do far better at dispatching the undead than we did, a range of problems await you in both plains of existence. Thankfully you’ll be able to call on the help of Crusaders to get you past the meanest of giant dragon riding generals.

While this might initially seem formulaic, Lords of the Fallen fits an interesting niche in most libraries. A strong narrative, tons of unique puzzle ideas, some unusual environmental design, and varied combat man that this really engaged us when we got hands on recently. You can check out our thoughts, or just wait until Friday 13 October for launch.

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