Get A Final Fantasy XIV Fat Black Chocobo With A Twitch Gift

A Final Fantasy XIV Fat Black Chocobo

Ride In Style and grab the Final Fantasy XIV Fat Black Chocobo mount, as Square Enix and Twitch team up for a new campaign.

Check out this cute little Chocobo mount. The Fat Black Chocobo mount could soon be waddling its way into your account inventory thanks to a brand-new collaboration between Square Enix and twitch. The two have kicked off an online event giving players who support their favorite FFXIV streamers the opportunity to grow the community and grab the Fat Black Chocobo mount and the Heavenscracker in-game item. In a slight twist on the traditional Twitch Drops service, which rewards players with anything from in-game items to entire game codes for passively watching selected streamers, this event rewards viewers making use of Twitch’s subscription gifting service.

How To Get Growing

Assuming that you’re logged into a participating streamer’s channel, viewers that gift one subscription will receive 100 of the in-game Deluxe Heavenscracker items while gifting four total subscriptions will grant them the Fat Black Chocobo Whistle. Participating streamers must be broadcasting FINAL FANTASY XIV Online at the time the gifted subscription is given, so if you are looking to shell out $19.96 to get this cute new ride then gift with precision. The campaign is running right now and will wrap up on 24 August. If you want to find the full list of applicable streamers, you can check out the official news post on the Lodestone.

This campaign follows shortly on from the announcement that Square Enix’s hit MMORPG is getting yet another expansion. The hype for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker hit recently and will peak when it launches, on 23 November 2021. Endwalker will arrive on PC, Mac, the PlayStation 5 system, and the PlayStation 4 system and will rap up the Hydaelyn and Zodiark storyline.

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