Get A Free Draconic Attire Pack For Conqueror’s Blade

Get A Free Draconic Attire Pack For Conqueror’s Blade

Saddle up! It’s time to head out into battle and look snazzy in Conqueror’s Blade. We’ve got a horde full of codes for Draconic Horse Attire and other free loot, so you can look fabulous in victory,

Conqueror’s Blade might be an utterly epic castle siege game, where players can command armies, take down opponents in huge open-world maps, and take part in sprawling territory wars, but what’s the point if you can’t look good doing it. Now, we’ve already made sure you and your troops look awesome in our previous Conqueror’s Blade giveaway. Now it’s time to kit out your trusted steed with one of our free Draconic Horse codes.

The Loot

Our free Draconic Attire Pack codes will give you a chance to spruce up old Bruce as well as some other extras too. The codes we are giving away includes the following items:

⦁ 1x Draconic Horse Attire
⦁ 1x 3-Day Premium Account
⦁ 4x Well-Made Grapeshot Cannon

While the Draconic Horse Attire speaks for itself, the additional Well-Made Grapeshot Cannons should provide players with a little extra in hand for when they get stuck on the battlefield without some serious artillery. The 3-Day Premium Account pass will level up player’s accounts, providing additional warlord XP, unit XP, increased honour points, and more loot. Basically, it will provide you a weekend where it could easily rain rewards if you reign supreme on the battlefield.

All you have to do to grab a code is head below and enter your email address. No messing about, no extra step. Just get in loot for your life, check your email, and head over to the Conqueror’s Blade website to redeem your code on the account page.

Developed by Booming games and published by My games, Conqueror’s Blade is an MMORPG that strives for battle. Players can enter a medieval battlefield, drawing on a range of ancient warriors to build their own warlord, recruit armies, and go head to head in massive siege battles out in the open world. Check out the Conqueror’s Blade website for more, or hop into this free to play adventure, where our free Draconic Attire Pack will make you look extra sharp.

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