Get Crabs with Fishing: Barents Sea new DLC

If you’re anything like me, a good proportion of the lifetime spent in your favorite MMO washed away while AFK fishing. It might be part of the deep sea diversion’s popularity and now, Fishing: Barents Sea has a new addition to the menu with their new November update.

The free DLC for Astragon Entertainment’s watery adventure adds the King Crab to the menu. The cranky staple of this Norwegian fishing fleet is not the only feature to make the latest DLC, however. a whole host of extras arrive in the icy Barents Sea. New fishing boats, mini-games, and fishing techniques are also included which are sure to make waves when they arrive later next month.

Two brand new fishing craft join the crabs. The Selfy vessel is a compact craft, inspired by the Selfa Arctic AS designs. The second boat to cast off in the new DLC is the Svalbard, a ship that provides lots of extra room to catch King Crab.

Catching crab requires a few new skills, however. The King Crab DLC introduces an entirely new mini-game, where players must correctly gender their potential catch before landing. It certainly something I wouldn’t expect Geralt of Riviera to contend with after all. If all this crabby morning chatter has you hooked then you can find Fishing: Barents Sea on Steam. The base game is already available for $19.99/€19.99/£16.99, and you can get crabs for free. Anyhow, I’m not going to let this post limpet on any further, go check out the full details at the official website.

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