Get Digging as Razer Reintroduce Razer Gold and Silver

Razer Silver

Its clear to anybody taking a cursory glance at Razer’s behavior of late that the mouse manufacturer is trying to diversify away from its core peripheral market. So, it’s no surprise to hear that Razer has reintroduced its Razer Gold and Razer Silver systems to gamers and is encouraging gamers to get mining.

In two separate statements on the Razer website, the company revealed that it was bringing back Razer’s virtual currency system. Like some of Razer’s other soft projects, the Razer Gold and Razer Gold virtual currency has faced some tough times. However, a recent tweet signaled the re-introduction of the unified reward currency.

In an effort to give players a leg up onto the proprietary platform, the team behind this soft coin has unveiled the Razersoft Miner. This software is best described as a cryptocurrency mining application. Once downloaded onto participant PCs and registered with Razer, the Razer Softminer will utilize idle GPU time to crunch numbers and mine Razer Silver. Registering early will net players 1000 silver and Razer state that players can earn up to 500 additional silver a day when their PC is idle. There are a number of caveats, and there are a great number of other ways for other fans to earn gold and silver currency, so whether this helps to cement the Razer soft coin in a rather turbulent market, once and for all, is yet to be seen.

After beginning life back in the late 1990s, the hardware manufacturer has a name in creating some of the most desirable gaming peripherals that the PC master race could possibly ask for. Of late, we’ve seen the Californian business release a line of high-end gaming laptops, the Razer phone, and even get into game distribution. Not everything Razer touches is a success, however. With earlier models of certain hardware plagued by build quality problems and the failure of Razer’s own communications software, is there any reason to jump back on board with Razer currency? If you want to check out the rewards available for paying and playing with Razer, head over to the official website now.

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