Get in The Robot And Grab A Volta-X Beta Key Here

VOLTA-x beta test key

Volta-X, the upcoming robot battler from GungHo is about to crash into beta and we are giving away 50 PC Beta testing codes here at Gamespace.

Announced back in Date, this strategic metal battler from GungHo is set to land on PC and Nintendo Switch sometime this year. First, however, we are giving you the chance to try out the title with a beta key for Volt-X. Set to stomp onto the battlefield on 18 July and roll out a full day of carnage between 9 AM PDT and 9 PM PDT. If you want to grab a chance to thwart your enemies then read on to find out a little more about Volta-X.

Crushingly Good Chrome

Volta-X is a unique looking strategy title that mixes charming characters, a robot battling league, and FTL level management. While you each competitive roboteer might start out with a similar frame, Volta-X allows gamers to customize their machine, preparing for combat at their HQ. It’s from here that you’ll rest up, research, and direct a pit crew of the finest minds to come up with the best weapons to take on your opponents. Even when the battle kicks off for real, you’ll need to jab, parry, and direct that crew to make repairs, fight fires, and activate weapons to blow away the opposition. Being the best Volta pilot is more than just wielding the big guns. Check out the launch trailer for more detail on this crushingly cute title.

You too can join the biggest leagues and take these Kaiju killers for a spin when the Volta PC Beta test arrives. Just drop your email in the form below to get in line for a beta key. We will draw the winners on 17 July, a full day ahead of the Closed Beta event when it kicks off on 18 July 2020.


Keep an eye on your email for a winning email containing a Volta-X Beta key. If you win, you can head over to Steam and redeem this game code, as you would expect. Please note that we can only guarantee that these codes will work with North America regions. Good luck pilots! Until then, check out more about Volta-X over on the official website.


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