Get Into Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash Now

guild wars 2 dragon bash

Dragon Bash, the annual Tyrina celebration featuring flying lizards kicks off today. Dragon Bash is live.

If you forgot among all the other events or simply don’t know what Dragon Bash is, then this is the time to find out because ArenaNet’s hit MMORPG is ready to kick off the revelry as Dragon Bash returns to Guild Wars 2. Once again, Commanders can log into ArenaNet’s MMORPG and head to the snow covered peaks of the Norn capital to find out what activities lie in store during this seasonal event. Hoelbrak is open to party for the next few weeks, providing players with a range of activities and rewards, which you’ll find listed below.


Mount Race
Head to the Trade Commons to take your favorite mount on a spin through the city.

Moa Racing
While you can’t ride a Moa around the city, they will race. Place a bet with Tigg at the Hall of Legends shortly before a race begins, and cheer on your favorite moa! Speak to Kappa to get a bird’s eye view of the action.

Dragon Arena
Found at Lake Mourn, the Dragon Arena is one of our own favorite fights. Throwing players into an arena with a hsot of other competitors, you’ll look to survive waves of holographic dragon minions and increasingly difficult boss enemies. If you and your friends are looking for a bigger fight, form a party and tackle the Dragon Arena Survival challenge.

Hologram Stampede
This combat activity takes place in the maps surrounding Hoelbrak. Click on the Dragon Bash notification on the right side of your screen to see the timer counting down to the next event. When the event starts, hologram projectors will appear throughout the map. Your job is to clear the map of any holographic enemies before the time runs down.

Dragon Bash first kicked off back in 2013. It is a celebration of Tyria’s achievements in overcoming the Elder Dragons, or at least the one’s that aren’t still left alive. It provides a break for citizens from ongoing wars and allows players to grab a range of festive goods. From zhaitaffy to jawbreakers, to special festive skins, there’s plenty to play for and not a Dominion soldier in sight. Head over to the official Guild Wars 2 page to find out more about Dragon bash.


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