Get Into The Blade & Soul Fifth Anniversary Celebrations

Blade & Soul Fifth Anniversary

Blade & Soul has launched its Fifth Anniversary celebrations and NCSoft’s MMORPG is looking to shower players with party favors.

Way back in January 2016, I jumped into a gorgeous new MMORPG that mixed oriental wuxia storytelling elements with free from martial arts combat systems. The fast paced flashy upstart was NCSoft’s Blade & Soul. With a sequel on the horizon, and not long announced, Blade & Soul has kicked off a huge set of celebrations to commemorate its fifth birthday in the west.

The list of in game goodies on offer to Blade & Soul players is substantial with a festival full of events ongoing over the next few weeks. The mainstay Fifth Year Festival will take centre stage during the celebrations, running until 17 February. Participants in the Fifth Year Festival can earn Festival Coins through Login Rewards, completing Daily Quests and Daily and Weekly Challenges. Of course, you’ll be able to swap these shinies for tons of useful in game items, including the player designed Game Over costume and the Late Date Illusion Weapon.

You won’t want to splurge all of the Festival Coins on one sho, however. The Zaiwei Raffle will give players a chance to win powerful item boosts and other useful items. Players who are more used to putting their fate in their own hands will get extra loot for stepping up and participating in raids, right throughout the festival period. Completing dynamic quests within the Throne of Oblivion, Scarlet Conservatory, and Steelbreaker raids will provide players with extra rewards above and beyond the normal loot. Finally, for anybody who doesn’t feel up to raiding the monsters in the auto-hunting zone of Primeweald will potentially drop even more Festival Coins and there’s a chance to grab extra Honing Oils.

Outside of Primeweald, in the real world, there’s also a live Blade & Soul Battle Station Sweepstakes. Anybody logging into their account over on the 5th Anniversary Festival website
stands a chance of winning a customized Blade & Soul themed prize, including one of the following:

  • Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen Edition Desktop
  • Alienware 25” Gaming Monitor
  • Alienware Wireless/Wired Mouse
  • Alienware 7.1 Surround Sound Headset
  • Alienware Mechanical Keyboard
  • Karnox Legend Gaming Chair

karnox blade and soul chair

You’ll be able to log in once a day between now and 27 January, with the in game Blade & Soul Fifth Anniversary action continuing through until 17 February. Check out all the action over at the official Blade & Soul website now and open your loot bags.

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