Get Raiders Of The Broken Planet For Free, But Hurry!

Raiders of the Broken Planet

If you hurry, you can pick up all 3 campaigns of Raiders Of The Broken Planet for FREE! In celebration of the one year anniversary of the original open beta, developer Mercury Steam is offering up its third-person shooter for free until 1PM EDT, according to Enric Alvarez, Game Director:

We launched the first Raiders of the Broken Planet Open Beta in May 2017, and we wanted to celebrate this milestone with all those players who have played the game since and give them the chance to discover how much it has changed in the last twelve months thanks to their fantastic feedback.

In Raiders Of The Broken Planet you get to see the story unfold from both sides. As a Raider, you will join up with three other players to complete missions as you try to take back your planet from the invading humans (we always find a way to bork everything). Or, if you aren’t looking for a kumbaya moment, switch sides and be the Antagonist, joining the rest of the enemy trying to stop the Raiders from completing their mission.

To find out more about the backstory for Raiders Of The Broken Planet, check out the official site, and then head over and download the game for free (PC version only) on Steam.


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