Get Ready For Lunch A Palooza On PC And Console This Spring

Indie developer Seashell Studio has just announced that they are serving up party title Lunch A Palooza for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in Spring 2020.

If you’re cuisine the storefronts looking for something a little bit different then an indie team from Mexico is about to shove some spicy multiplayer action under your nose. Due to come out a little later in the year, Lunch A Palooza invites you to pull up a chair and get involved in a frantic food fight as one of eight dishes. Knocking other delicacies off the table, burger buns and french fries are all up to no good as players go solo or meet friends for some co-op chaos.

Food Fight

As the main course, players grabbing some Lunch A Palooza can dish out the pain by mixing in a range of power-ups and unique food attacks or even setting traps for other foodies. A range of game modes are available from the free for all, where each player tries to eke out their fives lives to remain the last delicacy standing, to the Royal Buffet mode where the player with the least falls from the table wins once a timer runs out. As a multiplayer dish, this also features team based battles and a mode called King of the Cloche which I am not even quite sure how to describe.

Now the order is in, this might seem like a little bit of a copy pasta of Cake Bash, the up and coming desert from publisher Coatsink, but while I have a bit of a sweet tooth, this title is already out in Early Access. With four game modes and a host of tasty characters, this might just keep you tidied over until dessert arrives with Cake Bash. Head over to the official Lunch A Palooza website for more details on the menu now.


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