Get ready To Enter The Crimson Desert At This Year’s Game Awards

The Game Awards are only a week away and we now know that we’re about to get a sneak peek of Crimson Desert, the upcoming adventure from Pearl Abyss.

Pearl Abyss, the same team behind Black Desert Online,  has just announced that during this year’s Game Awards we’re expecting to get a glimpse of the Korean team’s newest title for the future, Crimson Desert. The upcoming open-world survival title will get a trailer during the ceremony and give players an in depth look at what to expect in the vast wastelands of Pywel.

Initially announced during the G-Satr conference, this is the first chance we’ve had to get a proper look at the game, including some actual gameplay footage too. Until now, Perl Abyss has only shown us a brief logo reveal, seen above, although we do know a bit about this upcoming battle.

Abyss Pearl describes Crimson Desert as follows:

Crimson Desert is an open-world action-adventure game that tells the tale of mercenaries fighting for survival in the vast continent of Pywel. Pearl Abyss’ next flagship title was first announced at Korea’s largest game trade show “G-Star” last year and is currently being built on the company’s next-generation engine. Pearl Abyss aims to release Crimson Desert globally on console and PC.

Crimson Desert certainly sounds like more of a high fantasy twist on some of the more classic survival tales and if you’re looking for something else in the mean time then you could do far worse than checking out Last Oasis to prepare for the upcoming Crimson Desert trailer when it shows next week at the Game Awards. Check out the Crimson Desert website for more information before you step out into danger.

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