Get Set To Clutch Your Controller As #Drive Comes To Nintendo Switch This Month

Grab Your Keys, it’s time to get on the road as PM Studios announces that #Drive is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 16 February.

Getting off the grid later this month, #Drive is set to zoom out of digital storefronts when it crashes into the Nintendo eShop at $12.99. After lapping us back in 2019 on iOS and Android devices, it looks like this endless driving sim has come back around with a boot full of challenges for the fearless driver in you.

Pedal To The Floor

Driving puns aside, we were intrigued when #Drive was first announced and Pixel Perfect Dude and Lionsharp Studios brought this infinite runner with some serious horsepower onto the grid. Now PM Studios has teased the Nintendo Switch version of this never ending driving sim that takes a ton of inspiration from old school action movies. Drawing on flicks from the 70s and 80s, this survival sim allows players to pick their car and just go. What awaits is a mad dash through a range of stages. 8 unique locations come brimming with things to avoid, and that’s the whole idea. Don’t hit anything but go as fast as you can.

As your car dodges and weaves tight S bends and harrowingly cluttered straights, you’ll chase the best time you can and attempt to unlock over 90 different cars with plenty of special add ons to make things even more chaotic. If you loved Hotshots Racing’s mix of poly retro skins and arcade racing mechanics and long for the days when Sega’s Virtua Racer was the bleeding edge in performance, then you should at least check out the #Drive teaser trailer and head over to the official website before it is Go Go Go for this fast paced adventure.

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