Get Some Guts ‘N Goals At Pax Online This Weekend

Pax Online is nearly here and PM Studios is set to plaster two titles all over your eyeballs. Get set to check out Exophobia and Guts ‘N Goals.

Coming to Pax Online just in time for the weekend, PM Studios are putting down the Good Pizza top give players a glimpse of two new upcoming titles that are full of raucous action. Even better, gamers will be able to try them out without having to face the queuing system of a normal Pax West.

Guts ‘N Goals

Forget the beautiful game. In fact, switch it up, add in the odd baseball bat, a battering ram and some boxing gloves. Due to hit small screens some time in the near future, the Pax Online Demo for Gut ‘N goals is the follow up to Guts ‘N Goals pre-season, which already allowed players to go hell for leather in this top-down mash-up of Sensible Soccer and any number of arena brawlers. The blistering experience provides over 20 heroes for players to pick from, as they kick, pinch, and swing their way around a variety of stadiums to score goals. Honest, it is all about the goals. If you fancy trying out Guts ‘N Goals, just check out the official Pax Online website.


If you fancy something a little more tense, then Exophobia drops players into an abandoned spaceship filled to the brim with unforgiving hordes of aliens. This Dead Space retro throwback, promises a fast-paced series of encounters with plenty of explosive expletives in tow. If you think you can handle Exophobia’s Pax demo then you’ll maybe earn an exclusive achievement, if you can get to the very end.

These are just two of the many demos available this weekend at Pax Online. Are you going? Check out more about Pax Online here at gamespace as the conference unfolds.

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