Get The Confetti For The First Class Trouble Wedding DLC

Get The Confetti For The First Class Trouble Wedding DLC - wedding picture

Looks like it’s time to celebrate as the First Class Trouble Wedding DLC steps out onto PC, and console now.

Multiplayer social deduction game First Class Trouble is inviting players to settle down while they dodge rogue AIs with a new Wedding Pack DLC. Available now and featuring everything a good personid needs when they’re not busy preparing a noose and want to tie another knot. The new Wedding Pack DLC can be bought up via Steam and PlayStation storefronts at a cost of around US$3.99 or local equivalent.

This is just the latest cosmetic add on pack for First Class trouble and joins the Supporters Pack, The Christmas Pack, The Winter Pack, The Vruumba Pack, The Runway Pack, and the New Years Eve Pack to provide players with plenty of new looks for their cruise aboard the ISS Alithea. The Wedding Pack DLC contains some super snazzy attire for players to don, including a sharp looking tuxedo, an elegant wedding dress, and rings, of course, all designed to synchronize with First Class Trouble’s time period. The inspiration for this pack comes from a real life romance. Players Adrianna and Henry, first announced their engagement to the First Class Trouble community on Discord. Developers at Invisible Walls immediately started brainstorming ways of honoring Adrianna and Henry’s story in-game and thus the Wedding Pack DLC was born. Now, alongside the DLC, if you check out the restaurant area in the Alithea, there’s even permanent note for the newlyweds too.

If you haven’t stepped on board First Class Trouble then check out our early reaction to the social deduction sim and try not to annoy the evil robotic AI that’s trying to vent everyone into space.

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