Get Your Fill of Fun in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak – Season 8: The Living Deep Sea City

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak is going off at the deep end with a kraken new update today.

Devsisters has just kick off Season 8 of Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, taking the sweet action of the Cookie kingdom out into the unforgiving deep. Adventurous cookies can follow the journey of Lobster Cookie and Mocha Ray Cookie as they head out to revive the fallen Sugarteara. This new chapter unlocks today across iOS and Android for free, and adds a ton of new extras for that cost of zero dollars. Alongside the new narrative campaign, players will experience a whole bunch of fantastic quests as they attempt to reach the city of Wandercrab. There’s a new game, where players can run with 20 cookies, providing innumerable combinations to beat the Breakout mode. Living Deep Sea City and an Infinite Chests Event join Season 8, providing a range of rewards that include Legendary Cookies’ Magic Ingredients as well as extra pets, Treasures, and more.

Helping you overcome these challenges is a new face. The Electric Eel Cookie joins the roster during this unusual city break. As the watchman and guardian of Wandercrab, this powerful addition spends his days driving away sea monsters and powering the aforementioned city. Following Electric Eel Cookie is the Bolt Eel pet, capable of shooting electric energy and inflicting chain reactions upon impact.

While these Cookies might not have managed an epic BTS crossover event, I’m not salty. At least not until I’ve dipped my toe in this sea faring adventure. Head over to the official website to check out more now.

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