Ghost Recon Breakpoint x Splinter Cell Crossover Event – Deep State

Ghost Recon Breakpoint x Splinter Cell Crossover Event - Deep State

Today is the day! Fight alongside legendary Sam Fisher in a new adventure coming today to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Called Deep State, your adventure begins by following the trail to Holt in Erewhon. After gaining intel from him, dive deeper into the conspiracy and unravel the pieces, even meet up with some old friends along the way.

Mission one (out of 8) will be free for all players while further developments would require players to purchase the full Adventure or Y1 Pass. All players who own either of these will be able to invite up to three friends to play with them.

Each mission will come with exclusive rewards, providing you with more tools to face the danger you will encounter and adapt to situations:

The first mission’s rewards (handgun SC-IS HDG, 4th Echelon Goggles) is obtainable by all players, whether they own the Y1 pass or not. It is possible for Y1 pass owners and Adventure owners to invite up to three friends to play through the missions with them. The rewards will be granted retroactively to those players from Mission 2 through the remainder of the adventure by picking up either the Deep State Adventure or Y1 Pass in the Store themselves.

Two new classes are coming to the game. First is stealth-focused Echelon while the second, Engineer, provides players with more tech tools and specific boosts to defeat the enemies. Please note that both classes will be free for all users, but Year 1 Pass owners will get an instant unlock of the class at launch, no Skill Points needed, as well as one-week early access.

If you are more into fighting other players, Episode 2 also adds a variety of new PvP content:

  • 4 Maps: Stoney Creek, Freight Yard, Forgotten Valley and Construction Site will be available.
  • Rewards: Paints for the weapons, silencer, titles and a new emblem.
  • Map Voting: In Ghost War, players will have the opportunity to vote on a pre-made selection of three maps and modes they want to play.
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