Ghostbusters: Now Hiring is the VR busting experience we deserve…

Bustin' makes me feel good?

Just look at it. Tell me, as a kid, you didn’t want this to be a thing? The plot of Ghostbusters: Now Hiring is at it sounds. The Ghostbusters hire you, a new employee. In the game, you’re going to explore the firehouse that the team calls their base of operations, in addition to other areas around NYC. Besides exploring locations from the films, you’ll also take on ghoulies with a proton pack, including the iconic Slimer and Marshmallow Man. It’s based on the recent reboot movie, so some folks will likely get mad and avoid it due to that alone. It’s curious that this even exists, to be honest. The movie flopped, came out a year ago, and now we get a VR game out of left field?

At just $6.99, it seems too good to be true. It’s only available in PSVR though, which makes us sad.


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