Ghostrunner Dashes Onto Nintendo Switch Next Week

Ghostrunner Nintendo Switch

Ghostrunner, the cyberpunk platforming adventure from 505 Games and All In! Games, is coming to Nintendo Switch in just under a weeks time.

Today, co-publishers 505 Games and All In! Games followed up the successful launch of Ghostrunner with an announcement that their sword-swinging cyber ninja is set to slash its way onto the Nintendo Switch. Even better than that, fans of this sort of hardcore cyberpunk scenario won’t have to wait long for the port to hack Nintendo’s on the go hybrid console. Come 10 November, Nintendo Switch owners will be cutting through Keys, running up walls, and generally dying a hell of a lot as they try to climb a giant metal tower and tear down the forces that lord over human society.

An On The Go Future

Initially landing on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on the 27 October, Ghostrunner plunges players into a future where humanity has just about scrapped y. After a huge cataclysmic event, the world now crams its few remaining people into a huge metal colony. Walled off from the outside world, the people of this living prison get to scrape by while a few rule from the top of this tower. Now, it’s up to you to climb Dharma Tower and change things. What sounds simple is actually incredibly brutal, mixing parkour moves and combat scenarios with a hardcore ethos and some frantic pacing.

Meshed together with a cyberpunk aesthetic and some sick EDM beats, Ghostrunner seriously impressed us when we jacked into the Cybervoid during our review. Now Nintendo Switch owners an join the resistance. You can find out more on the Nintendo eShop next week or head over to the official Ghostrunner website. Picking it up during the launch period will net you two exclusive katana skins for your Ghostrunner, an exclusive Katana Sword and a 1st party exclusive Nintendo Katana Sword. Next-gen gamers can also look forward to Ghstrunner with ports of the title due to hit PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in 2021, sometime after Cyberpunk 2077…. probably.

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