Ghostrunner Update Introduces New Game Modes, Photomode, and Cosmetics

Ghostrunner, the intense cyberpunk slasher from One More Level and 3D Realms, is installing some updates today.

Hot on the heels of Ghostrunner’s acquisition by publisher 505 games, this dystopian campaign to rid the future of an evil overlord is set to get some new updates today. Players who have been steadily climbing the Dharma tower to overthrow the administrator at the top of the last enclave of humanity will be able to use a brand new Photo Mode today. While the graphics of Ghostrunner are undeniably gorgeous, the blood soaked trail that players leave in their wake can be something of a blur in this extremely precise ballet of destruction. Now, the addition of Photo Mode should give players the option of pausing just long enough to show off their parkour moves.

New Cosmetics

If you want those new photos to stand out on social feed then Ghostrunner is offering up some new cosmetic DLC to make your own cyborg ninja rebel look even cooler. The new Metal OX cosmetic DLC pack drops today. The new cosmetics total 4 brand new katanas and 4 additional gloves. To get a glimpse of them, check out the trailer above. The four seem to be named Justice, Rite, Benevolence, and Integrity. Each of the paid add ons brings its own distinct style but it’s the glowing red katana I really want.

Free Game Modes

For those of you that log into Ghostrunner for the challenges, then this new round of updates is adding more free game modes. The trailer gives a look at Killrun game mode, which seems to be a timed hack and slash that mixes the game’s unforgiving movement systems with a requirement to down as many enemies as possible without the timer running dry. Think of it as a race to the finish, while taking out everything in your way.

For all the details on the new Ghostrunner update, check out the official Ghostrunner website now. For our own opinion on this addictive adventure, try assimilating our review of Ghostrunner before grabbing it on PC or Console now.

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