Gibbous Is A Lovecraftian Librarian Comedy Out Now


Gibbous is rising today. Get ready to begin a cosmic indie adventure that is part horror, part comedy, and part talking cat.

Arriving on PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam and Good Old Games, this 2D point and click tale is a right odd one. Try out this new title from indie developer Stuck in the Attic and you’ll end up in the city of Darkham, a city filled with dark alleyways, crooked buildings, and a myriad of kooky cults. While the local neighborhood watch meetings are taking a bit of a dark turn, an ancient evil known as the Necronomicon makes a return to the lives of citizens.

A Heroic Trio

This mix of evil and obsession finds a trio of heroes out to save the city from something a lot worse than the local sycophants that seem to be multiplying. Players taking on this quest will play as Detective Don R. Ketype, librarian Buzz Kerwan, and his cat called Kitteh. While it isn’t unusual to find plenty of narrative adventures with multiple threads, not many find you controlling a cat that’s been accidentally turned into a walking, talking abomination using the power of an evil tome. With a bit of a quandary, these three heroes will take players on a globe-trotting adventure, all illustrated in a gorgeous handcrafted HD format.

Developer Stuck in the Attic has clearly taken inspiration from the best old school point and click adventures, with cues from games like Day of The Tentacle, Monkey Island, and more. This iteration on the genre, however, has an obvious modern edge. Players clicking through this title will find more than 60 hand-painted backdrops, 60 fully voiced characters, and over 12,000 lines of dialogue squirreled away under the hood of this horror. While things might seem dark, they certainly aren’t grim. Gibbous looks like a great way to click away the apocalypse away and it is out now. You can check out the full details on Gibbous over on the official website now.


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