SMITE Update Unleashes Gilgamesh

Titan Forge Games has announced that Gilgamesh is the latest god to join the pantheon in SMITE. Gilgamesh is part of the King of Uruk update and brings a new frontline Warrior into the mix along with some other cool content.

Gilgamesh brings an “in your face” fighting style to players who look for brutal hand-to-hand combat. He features both a powerful Drop Kick ability a long Leap attack. He’s considered the “king of the ring”, especially when he unleashes his ultimate which is a circular windstorm that traps enemies inside.

Other content included in the King of Uruk update includes a living map update as part of a larger initiative to refresh all of the game’s modes and maps throughout 2021 to keep the game fresh. In this first piece of that initiative, a visual update to the Conquest game mode brings a darker, stormy look to the skies along with destructible vines on the ground in the jungle.

Check out the SMITE official site to learn more.

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