Give Blood And Find Your Type With Table Manners

Table Manners publisher Curve Digital and NHS England are encouraging gamers to give blood just in time for Valentine’s day.

This What’s Your Type campaign has just been announced by the publisher of the upcoming comedy dating game, Table Manners and will run throughout the month of love. This is the very first time that the National Health Service has engaged with a video game to help boost the gift of giving. Donating blood is a massively important action and it seems that Curve is happy to help get gamers donating.

“When we learned that NHS Blood and Transplant were looking to inform new audiences about the need for more blood donors, we jumped at the chance to help them,” said Simon Byron, publishing director at Curve Digital. “Table Manners like every other game out there has the power to reach and engage in a way other mediums cannot. We’re proud to have a wide and diverse audience of gamers playing Curve’s games and welcome them all. If our partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant inspires a few people to register, then we’d ve very, very happy indeed.”

Anybody who logs into their local blood bank to help out can find out what your type is. Just a pint of the red stuff in the olde world can save a life and comes in a variety of flavors, the following are considered a high priority by the NHS:

  • O negative – The universal blood group that can be given to everyone. It is often used when a patient’s blood type is not known, for example in an emergency situation.
  • B negative – Only 2% of donors are B negative and finding news donors is difficult. B negative can be used as an alternative for patients with blood disorders when not enough B positive is available.
  • A negative – A negative has platelets which can be given to anyone. Platelets are tiny cells that help stop bleeding – they are especially important for cancer patients.
  • AB negative – AB negative is the rarest blood type, accounting for just 1% of our blood donors.

Table Manners is an unusual dating si that is due to hit the platforms on 14 February. While some dating sims might be monstrously cool, this sim puts players in the role of a disembodied hand. The silly first person, first finger, game contains a number of silly scenarios from restaurants to cruise ships where everything can go wrong. Check out more about this upcoming date over on the official Table Manners Steam Store page before it wrecks your tinder profile for good and go find out what’s your type when you give blood.


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