Gloomy Eyes brings Collin Farrell To HTC, Vive, and Oculus

Collin Farrell’s VR movie experience, Gloomy Eyes is coming to HTC, Vive, and Oculus just in time for valentine’s day.

Co-developed by ARTE and Atlus V, this animated movie is an unusual tale of poetic love, telling the story of a zombie boy and a human girl. Set in a sunless town, the story follows a time when the sun grew tired of humanity and set forever. While the dead hurriedly rise from their graves, a zombie kid named Gloomy and a mortal girl, Nena, fall in love. The ensuing tale is a classic tale of strained attraction across divides. Atlus V describes the tale as more than just a love story.

“suffering has never left us, and in fact, and it has even been re-activated by the steady rise of separatist and segregationist ideology pretty much everywhere in the world.
In an effort to fit in, we created our own worlds. Just like Gloomy, the hero of our story, who out of loneliness, builds his own universe, deep in the forest. Yet these parallel worlds often act like band-aids on a wooden leg. Above all, a child yearns to be accepted as they are, to find their place within a community.”

Penned by writer-directors Fernando Maldonado and Jorge Tereso, as well as Santiago Amigorena this experience drags viewers into an immersive and weird world that mixes this charming tale with an aesthetic more traditionally associated with Tim Burton. Collin Farrell can be found narrating the role of the Gravekeeper, who also comes with a Spanish, French, and German accent. The oddball experience has already grabbed awards at Sundance and 2019 and can be found as part of the Viveport Infinity subscriber package. A 6 DOF version will land on the Oculus Quest, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift stores on February 14. Anybody who wants to follow the story will find it available as a three-part series for $14.99, although a 360 version of the full experience will also be available on ARTE Cinema’s official YouTube channel without charge. Check out the trailer below and get in the mood for a weirdly magical Valentine’s day.


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