Glyph Buzzes Onto Nintendo Switch

Glyph, a new open world platformer from Bolverk Games, is ready to set you free as it lands on Nintendo Switch today.

Mondays might be a little bit slow for gaming news but that should give owners of Nintendo’s on the go hybrid platform to get out and explore Glyph. Out now and available on the Nintendo Switch, Glyph is the very first game from Bolverk Games and follows players as they land in the midst of a massive wilderness. Taking charge of a scuttling robot come winged beastie, this new free form mix of platform adventuring and exploration looks like it will fit well with fans of games like Incredible Mandy, Abzu, and even Rime.

The inviting vistas that make up this new adventure hold plenty to discover, as the main character moves through vast deserts and ancient ruins, finding a unique route. While on the way, there are goals to achieve, treasure to collect, and secrets to uncover. The idea of Glyph might look straight forward, but the team behind this title seem set that there is more to it than that.

“There’s a clear demand of the player to master the glyph. This is the red thread throughout the game, and a challenge constantly facing the player,” says Lead Game Designer, Jesper Halfter.

Alongside some pretty screenshots, there is a trailer. Take a peek at the new challenge that awaits with Glyph, and find out more over on the official Glyph website. Glyph is out now on the Nintendo eShop across EU and AU regions. Anybody grabbing it now can give it a whirl before the day one patch hits on February 1st. US players will need to wait until next month to try out Glyph’s free form exploration when the first major patch arrives.

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