Gnarly Axe-Wielding Hogger Comes to Heroes of the Storm

If you’ve been looking for a funky new character to play in Heroes of Storm, you’re in luck. Hogger, the terror of Elwyn Forest, has entered the Nexus with his axe and some pretty sweet moves to boot.

Hogger’s abilities include:

  • Loot Hoard where he tosses a pile of junk that deals damage in a small area and creates a blocked path for enemies trying to escape. When the barrier expires, he gains 3% of his maximum health for 5 seconds.
  • Rage gained when taking damage or dealing a basic attack.
  • Staggering Blow – When Hogger swings his chain, it deals damage to enemies and knocks them back. If they collide with terrain, they take additional damage and are stunned for a small amount of time. Hogger also picks up 10 Rage.
  • EZ-Thro Dynamite – Hogger throws a boot full of dynamite with a short fuse. When it detonates, enemies take damage and are slowed. Grants him Rage.
  • Hog Wild is when Hogger becomes Unstoppable and uncontrollably spins towards targets. He also ricochets off terrain. This deals a small amount of enemies that increases by 1% for each point of Rage.
  • Heroic Ability – Hoardapult – Hogger throws a Loot Hoard that deals damage and slows enemies. It lasts for 20 seconds but decays rapidly if Hogger wanders off. If he stays nearby, it acts as a barrier and he can access Meat every 10 seconds to heal.
  • Heroic Ability – Shockwave – Hogger slams the ground that sends out a shockwave that deals a large amount of damage and stuns enemies.

In addition to Hogger coming to the Nexus, the HOTS team announced that the Gladiator’s Medallion added in the Nexus Anomaly event has been removed. The team felt that it “took away from cool plays more than it added to the game”.

New skins have been added, most notably for Hogger. In addition, several new mounts have been included in the Store as well as the Hogger Announcer, new portraits, emoji packs, and more. Lastly, the Toys 2018 and Toys 2019 Bundles have made a return for those who may wish to purchase them.

Check out the full update notes on the Heroes of the Storm official site.

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