Go Green with Xbox Meta Threads

Xbox Meta Threads

Meta Threads is about to get you dressed for success when team green hit E3 next week. The popular gamer clothing line is preparing for E3 with a brand new line of Xbox apparel.

As if a line of Xbox body spray wasn’t enough for the Redmond faithful, Meta Threads is dropping a new range of clothing on 11 June, right at the start of E3 proper. Since 2015 the LA manufacturer has been busy forming alliances with some of the gaming industry and e-sports best, crafting a whole host of gaming-themed streetwear that fits in on the go as well as in the odd viewing party. As well as the Xbox x Meta collection, Meta Threads has done deals with the likes of Team Liquid and Luminosity. The second generation of Xbox gaming gear from Meta Threads is also designed to include athletic and technological influences. The manufacturer is aiming to maintain an urban and create a set of functional clothes, suitable for gamers everywhere.

Is the new range any good for the daily grind? You’ll have to check out the reveal trailer and decide if these particular cosmetic add ons are worth heading over to the cash shop for.

The new range, which will come in at 15 pieces of gear, drops online and at E3 on the 11th. Two of the pieces will be exclusively available in person at the E3 conference because there’s always going to be that guy with the piece of armor that none of us can get. For anybody wanting something of their very own, fans will also be able to customize their Xbox Meta Threads with heir own Gamertag. Personally, I’m taken with the t shirts. Does that mean I need to get an Xbox now?

So, there you have it. E3 isn’t even here and already we’ve got team green body wash, team green threads. They’re already winning and E3 hasn’t started. You can check out the range when it goes on sale at the Meta Threads wesbite and find out more about the manufacturer.

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