Go On a Gorgeous Fantasy Adventure in Candleman


Zodiac Interactive has sent word that Candleman The Complete Journey has arrived on Steam at a bargain price of $15. The game combines both “perilous platforming gameplay” with fantasy adventure. You are the candle, but you only let your little light shine for ten seconds at a time. Your adventure becomes the journey through “unsettling darkness” and overcoming danger.

The Steam version, aka “The Complete Journey”, includes the Lost Light DLC as well as enhanced performance and framerate optimizations and 4K resolution support.

Console owners need not despair. A PlayStation 4 version is in the works for later in 2018 for both North America and Europe.


Our own Bill Murphy played the game and had this to say before handing the game an 8/10 score:

Graphically, Candleman is gorgeous. The game goes for a photo-realism look, but still somehow stylized. Like an exquisite blend of Pixar and real-world visuals. Lighting is used, as expected, beautifully to highlight, contour, and hide and expose the levels as you play through them. My favorite may be the one filled with bioluminescent plant life, breathing and undulated, but dangerous and spike-ridden as you walk through. It’s a whole world that breathes with light, and if you’re not careful, the lights go out right when you need them.

You can read his full review at the link above.

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