Go Solo When Lineage 2 Aden Launches In August

It’s time to go solo when NCsoft launches Lineage 2 Aden, a new twist on the traditional lineage experience, during August 2021.

If you have toyed with the idea of jumping back into the legendary MMORPG, Lineage 2 but couldn’t find the determination or time to get into end game raiding, then NCsoft might have a new way for you to play this iconic MMO. Following on from the relaunch of Aion, and landing on 11 August, Lineage 2 Aden will still feature the same core gameplay of Lineage 2 and players will still be able to experience the intense PvP and epic castle sieges, but with classes tuned to make solo play a less punishing experience. Each of the 36 classes that make up the full roster are tuned to be self-sufficient while hunting, while a selection of six new solo dungeons provides plenty of content. Outside of these activities, new and returning players will find a simplified combat system and refined levelling experience, ensuring less grind and more end game content.

The latest iteration of Lineage 2 will also get a bunch of new content, including the exclusive Death Knight class and the Sylph Race, which exclusively has access to the Storm Blaster class. Storm blasters present a ferocious enemy in action, channelling the power of spirits into gun attacks while riding the aether on a hoverboard. Yep, a hoverboard Veterans returning to Lineage 2 might feel a sense of familiarity when taking up arms with the Death Knight. This brand new warrior comes inspired by a raid boss of the same name and can wield powerful single-handed sword attacks or turn into an unleashed skeletal monster when things get serious.

While I’d love to join the festivities out here in the UK, NCsoft is only unleashing Lineae 2 Aden to North America, although hopefully, players will still be able to connect to NA servers for the rest of the world. With 11 August almost upon us, NCsoft has confirmed that a range of special events will also be kicking off. To celebrate the launch, the “Why Burn” ranking event will be live at launch. Players will compete to obtain a Wyvern flying mount (just one per server). In-game events will happen every week following launch. If you are ready to try out Lineage 2 again then this free to play MMORPG experience can be found over on the official NCSoft website in time for its 11 August launch.

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