God Eater 3 Gets a New Multiplayer Trailer

Whether it’s button bashing at the local arcade, getting together for a LAN tournament or just online play, video games are always best with friends. Bandai Namco seems to think so too, as they unveil a brand new multiplayer trailer for God Eater 3.

Set in a dystopian near future, the third installment of the God Eater franchise finds the world torn asunder by the encroaching march of giant Aragami. These monsters have already destroyed the last bastion of human civilization and the world teeters on the brink. Cities fall, swathes of the world are covered in abnormal storms, and there is only one hope to push back the night.

Players facing this destruction take on the role of a God Eater. These child soldiers are tied to unique experimental weapons, are bound to a life of servitude. With inhuman capabilities and a unique set of skills, these God Eaters are the last hope of humanity. The God Eater 3 multiplayer mode of play allows teams to get together and take on some of the game’s army of Aragami. Assault missions of up to eight players are available for the adventurous. Other opportunities also exist for teams of four to take on massive Aragami’s in the fight to free humanity. Whatever mission you choose to tackle, it provides an environment to show off each God Eater’s unique avatar to friends.

If you want to learn more before God Eater arrives on PlayStation 4 or PC, you can check out the official website now.

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