God Eater Devs are making Code Vein – a stylish new vampire game from Bandai Namco

Blood and guts and dungeon crawling? I'm in.
code vein

As uncovered by Destructoid, it seems that the trippy but artful new trailer for an unannounced project from Bandai Namco last week is for a new dungeon exploring RPG called Code Vein. Being made by the developers of the God Eater series, Japanese Gaming site Famitsu has the details missing from the teaser trailer.

From Destructoid:

The vampires are called “Revenants” who have supernatural abilities and live in an isolated society called ‘Vein.” Revenants have lost their memories and change into monsters called “Lost” when they face blood deficiency.

The game itself is only 35% done and not expected to release until 2018, but clearly Bandai Namco is pretty stoked for it, and Famitsu is reporting that it’s going to be a difficulty RPG, one which likely means you’re player character will want to bring an AI buddy along to help. Does this mean this game is taking after Dark Souls? We’ll have to wait and see when the April 20th official unveiling happens.

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