God of War Boss Fights Had to be Cut During the Development

God of War Boss Fights

Cory Barlog, game director of the recent hit God of War, had an interview with in which he addressed one of the more frequent criticisms that the game has received. Namely, the shortage of the usual grotesque God of War boss fights that plunge Kratos right into the bloody mess (this time with his son).

Creating the God of War boss fights was not an easily done thing as the team has 15 to 20 people on each boss, and those bosses went anywhere from a year to two each. Adding another dozen of bosses would have added 20 years to the development cycle.

“And that’s the nature of development, as you start to look at its nuances, you realize that there’s a place where ambition overshadows resources and time, and you want to do so much, but you just have to end up choosing the things that will make the greatest impact. It is hard to know what to let go of, but you need to get to a point where you say, “you know what? This thing is not as important as the other thing, I will fight for this other thing, and let this thing go”. That is the years of experience that will let you know what’s important to you and what you’re trying to make.”

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