Godfall Release Date Makes It A PS5 Launch Title

godfall release date ps5

If you’ve been waiting for Gearbox’s new hack and slash brawler, Godfall, then stay sharp. It Turns out that Godfall is now a PS5 launch title.

Due to arrive around the same time that the new Sony Playstation 5 plugs into homes across the globe, Gearbox’s third-person ‘slasher looter’ is a step away from the publisher’s definitive Borderlands hijinks into something a bit more high fantasy. Developed by Counterplay Games, and set in a mythical universe, Godfall is essentially an Action RPG. As the last of the Valorian knights, masters of combat equipped with legendary armor called Valorplates, you will set out to save the land of Aperion in this adventure. Utilising a range of powerful gear, arcane magic, and the skill based combat that Godfall promises, you’ll take on a wide variety of ferocious looking opponents as you free travel the realms of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit.

The launch date for Godfall was confirmed over on the title’s social media channels, with plenty more information about what’s to come for gamers. Of course, the PS5 launch means that gamers who aren’t keeping an eye on the new NVIDIA GPU launches will still get a very pretty game. Aside from looking gorgeous, Godfall was the first game confirmed for Playstation 5. It was initially unveiled at the Game Awards show in 2019, with a flashy trailer. Since then we’ve seen it confirmed for PC, via the Epic Games Store, and now it’s nearly here. We don’t have an exact price for the title as yet, but PS5 games have ranged from $50-$70 depending on the exact title. You can check out plenty more about Godfall and it’s loot over on the official Godfall website now. For all the rest of the PS5 games you can look forward to, check out our round up of last night’s PS5 Showcase.

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