GoG Game Sale Begins With Witcher Giveaway

gog sale the witcher giveaway

It was only a matter of time before the spring game sales kicked off and 2020 has GoG giving PC gamers some extra Witcher goodies this time around.

If you’re stuck hammering the keyboard at home like me then you might very well be looking for some escape from the same four walls in the next few days. Thankfully for PC players, the spring sales have started and GoG is busy giving away a treasure trove of digital goodies. To celebrate the spring sale, the retail arm of CD Projekt Red is giving away The Witcher Goodies Collection.
Inside the Box

The free loot includes arts, books, soundtracks, the making of videos, Video Game Show concert, wallpapers, and more items all about your favorite Witcher. The full list from the GoG site is below but what it ultimately means is plenty of things to read, watch and entertain you for free. The giveaway ends on March 18 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET so get in before it gets away.

Toss A Coin To GoG

If slaying this particular brand of monster isn’t your thing the first major spring sale of the season is already tempting. While I splurged a little on Doom Eternal yesterday you can pick up something a little more down to Earth. Disco Elysium is a whole 50% off while the 1997 version of Blade Runner is discounted too. There are tons of titles already on offer at anything up to half price and my personal pick would be pointing you at Divinity Original Sin 1 & 2. If you still want more Witchery goodness then the Witcher series and the Thronebreaker spin-off are all on sale too.

While this is just the first strike on the sales, it seems that they can’t come soon enough. With many of us missing our daily commute right now, the only other option is to go outside for exercise. You can keep up to date on everything gaming and all the upcoming sales here at Gamespace or head over to GoG now to splash the cash and grab that Witcher giveaway.


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